Dynasty Hockey on Facebook – Tips and Strategies for beginners

Dynasty Hockey is a game by Fantasy Moguls available through facebook. The following are some tips and strategies I have figured out that will hopefully help you improve your Dynasty Hockey team. If you know of any other tips please let me know and I will update the post.

Your Lines Matter

Your team estimates (the color coded bar at the top of your page) are based on the skill and rating of the players you have. In addition to that, line 1 has more influence than line 2, and line 2 had more influence over your team estimates than line 3. So you want your best players in your top line. Keep in mind it isn’t always possible due to players skill. See Roster Chemistry Bonus below for details.

Roster Chemistry Bonus

Whatever you can do, try to keep your Chemistry Bonus as high as possible (so far 25% is the most I have been able to get and has been confirmed that 25% is the max). You do this by not having players with the same “skill” on the same line. If your line only has 2 players with the same skill you get a 10% bonus, if you don’t have any players on the line with the same skill you get a 25% bonus, if you have more than 2 people on the line with the same skill you get no bonus.

Right when you start the game, switch your lines up so that they all (or at least line1 and line2) have a 25% bonus. This will help you be able to defeat players 1 level ahead of you right from the start.

Reputation Points

It’s all about the Reputation Points. Reputation points allow you to:

  1. draft better players
  2. purchase additional games
  3. purchase boosts
  4. auto train instead of waiting the x amount of hours for training to complete

The best way I have found to increase my Reputation Points is to make sure to get a good Enforcer right away. Enforcers are how you win fights, and if you win a fight during a game you get an additional 25 Reputation Points. That is quite significant. By employing this strategy and only playing teams that have Enforcers that are lower in skill than yours you can play pretty much endlessly as long as you don’t spend your Reputation Points down below 175.

Try to always play teams that are one level above you. This gets you an additional 5 points per game if you win. Use the Experts to ensure that you have a good chance to win. Losing a game is the worst thing that can happen because you don’t increase in level and you don’t gain any Reputation Points.

Drafting better players is integral to creating a better team, so the more Reputation Points you can acquire while playing your games, the better. It is worth it to hold out on a draft if there is one player that is significantly better than the rest of that draft’s pool of players. For example if the first 6 players have a rating of 75, 60, 60, 59, 57, 55 then it is more than likely worth it to spend your Reputation Points to ensure you get the 75. As long as you are still able to win games, there is no need to hurry up and draft, especially if by playing a few more games and gaining some RP will net you that higher skilled player.

If none of the players in the draft are all that great, don’t use any RP on that draft.

Scrimmages and Rivals = free extra games each day

On your “Play game” page you have the chance to scrimmage your friends. Every time you win a scrimmage (I have never lost one, I am not sure that you can) you get either 1 or 2 free games. You also get 5 Reputation points (or 30 if you win a fight). Also, if your friends sign up to play, they become a Rival. You can play up to 8 rival games a day that do not count against your game total.

Don’t get dazzled by card colors

Player colors in order of trainability (usually but not always, players with better color have better starting skill)

  • Black
  • Platinum
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Bronze

[update] These colors denote that the player listed had this type of season some time in their career. However I recently came to find out that the color also denotes how much training that player can receive. So the better the color, the more the player can be trained. While it is more important to get players of better skill than players with a better color in the long run you still want to shoot for better colors. For example if you are in a draft and can get a 72 Silver or a 64 Gold, you might want to get the 72 Silver or if you are planning on keeping that player around for a long time and training them, then you might as well get the 64 Gold. From what I have learned, it isn’t really worth training bronze or silver players because you will almost definitely be replacing them in a short time anyway. It doesn’t matter if you are playing a team with all gold players with your team of all silver players as long as your skill totals are better than theirs.

Money and Free Agents

Only spend your hard earned cash when you need to. So basically only spend it on free agents when you are no longer able to win games without doing so, or if you can make your team significantly better by picking up a player that will increase your chemistry bonus.


When you get to a point that you can start winning Cup Games you will start unlocking coaches. Coaches give bonuses to your players based on their category. For example one coach might give +10 skill to Centers with a category of Strength and +8 skill to Defenders with a category of Creativity. Here is a link to a post I created just for the Dynasty Hockey Coaches

If you have comments, questions, or anything to add for this Dynasty Hockey Game Guide please comment below.

16 thoughts on “Dynasty Hockey on Facebook – Tips and Strategies for beginners

  1. 1) Your rating (the number at the top of your players card) indicates the total accumulation of points in each skill. Each coloured area is a percentage of said skill. i.e: Say you have a player with a rating of 200, and each of the 4 coloured areas are even, each coloured area is worth 50 points of the total 200 rating, or 25%.

    2) 25% is the highest available chemistry bonus you can obtain.

    3) Rep points are also used to speed up the training of your players once you have the ability unlocked.

    4) playing higher level teams isn’t really a bonus of 5 rp’s. Yes, you do gain additional rp’s per game won vs a higher level, but that also means you’re playing less games. i.e: you play your level, you get 10 rp’s, you play the next level, you get 15 rp’s.. that means that you can play 3 games vs same level or 2 games vs higher level an get the same number of points. More games played tho means more chances of fights, and by playing higher level only means you level up faster. If you level up faster, eventually, you’ll be stuck playing ppl below you as everyone else has had more games and more points to accumulate.

    5) Don’t ignore the player colours if you intend on training your players. Tho I agree that rating is more important than colour, the better the colour means the more potential for training.

    Hope this helps.

  2. regarding Mike’s number 4)

    I played people above my level as much as I was able leveling up. I was flying up the ranks by doing so. The problem with that strategy is… eventually you get to the point when you can’t beat anyone (assuming timed training and always picking the best players available at the draft).

    I’ve now (for the last week or so) been playing people below my level (“previous level”).

    I’ve found a few desirable features in doing that…

    a) playing people below your level doesn’t make you level … AT ALL. You can do it all but infinitely. You have to play people your own level or higher to level up. By accumulating money, RPs, new players, and coaches while remaining the same level, you’ll eventually find that you’ll be respectively more powerful than teams your own level.

    b) playing people below you still allows you to accumulate some money without leveling. This helps you power up your existing players (via training), or allows you to recruit free agents or coaches to help you.

    c) possibly the biggest benefit… you still get fighting benefits. If you have a really good enforcer… you can rack up RPs. Since you never level (unless you want to) using this strategy… you can really stockpile RPs this way.

    As an All-Star 5, I currently have 7 platinum players (the rest are gold), and I’m training non-stop. I also currently have 7065 RP (and counting) to spend as I see fit.


    I wouldn’t recommend ever playing against anyone your own level. Always either above or below. Play teams a level below you until you can easily beat most teams that are a level above you. Rinse and repeat.

  3. Thanks for the insight Tim! I can see where that strategy would allow you to gain money and rp. Initially I was trying to level up as quickly as possible, and making sure that I had enough RP to draft the player I wanted. This strategy worked well for me, and in most cases I was able to do that (not that I drafted the #1 in every draft, but I don’t think I ever picked below 7) I was always cautious not to screw up my team chemistry via the draft, and I did not pick up any free agents or a coach. I am currently Legends A and still have Phil Esposito as my coach. This allowed me to keep a good amount of cash on me for training, and I was able to get 5 players wildcarded before reaching legends. It goes to show that this game is more complex than a lot of people give it credit for. I can’t stress enough how important a good enforcer is. I picked up an enforcer as my first draft pick and I bet for the first couple divisions I never lost a fight, and never had trouble finding someone to fight with a lower level enforcer. This greatly helped me gain RP!

  4. i would like to know that i am level legend A (champion A) … how many games i have to play to go to legend B (champion B) and when i will be able to pick some draft pic …

    • In order to move from Legend-A to Legend-B you need to join a League, and finish in the top 2 spots of your division for the regular season, then there will be the playoffs, and your draft position will be determined from this.

      In order to get more draft picks you need to join a League. No matter what place you finish you will get a draft pick.

  5. I used Tim’s strategy. I started over when I climbed to fast and couldn’t compete. Now I play for a few days between each level to add $$$ & RP’s, buying players and training the whole time. I’ve done this from the start and now I just finished 1st in the playoffs in Legend-A. I’ve not lost a game since I restarted. So, start over and use that balance until you build your “Dynasty”.

    GO SABRES!!! (Well, maybe next year.)

  6. I’m at level E and so is my girlfriend. I have 30 games per day and she has 50, any idea why?

    I used to have 50 too but at some point it dropped back to 30…

    • Sometimes when you win a game you get a boost. I have noticed that the boost can be an extra amount of games. Eventually it wears off and you go back down to normal. I haven’t experienced this at the Legends Level, it only happened to me when I was moving up the ranks.

  7. I’ve drafted excellent “Speed” skaters on each of my three lines but for some reason my team’s overall SKATING attribute remains stagnant…. ITS KILLING ME!!!!!!!! any tips on how to permanently improve my team’s skating ranking without the expiring RP bonus in the Pro Shop?


    • You need to go by the number rating of the card/player and then how big the black bar is for skating. Make sure you have your lines set up for 25% bonus. That’s the best I can offer. If anyone else has something to add please do so.

  8. I love Dynasty Hockey on Facebook but my team is upgraded about as far as it will go, except the enforcer position. Does anyone know where I can get a better enforcer than Playfair?

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