Ingress AP, Actions, and Leveling Up

In order to level up in Ingress you need to acquire AP. The following table shows current Ingress Actions and the amount of AP you get for performing them.

Action AP Reward Type
Recharge Resonators 10 Resonator
Upgrade Someone Else’s Resonator 65 Resonator
Destroy an Enemy Resonator 75 Resonator
Hack an Enemy Portal 100 Enemy Portal
Place a new Resonator on a portal 125 Resonator
Destroy an Enemy Link 187 Enemy Portal, Link
Place the last resonator on a portal 250 Resonator
Link Portals 313 Portal, Link
Place the first resonator on an unclaimed portal 500 Resonator
Destroy an Enemy Field 750 Enemy Portal, Field
Establish a control field 1250 Portal, Link, Field

Leveling up in Ingress takes time and effort. As you can see, the easiest actions give small amounts of AP, while more difficult ones give more AP. Destroying an enemy portal and then claiming it seems to be the best way to gain AP quickly. If you are lucky enough to destroy a link or control field in the process, all the better.

When you hack portals in Ingress you may receive items. Many of those items will have an item level associated with them. Until you reach the level noted on the item, you are unable to use that item. For example if you are level 2, you are not able to use an L3 Burster. The table below shows the amount of AP needed to level up.

Level Total AP to Reach Level AP needed to reach next level
Level 1 0 – this is the starting point 10,000
Level 2 10,000 20,000
Level 3 30,000 40,000
Level 4 70,000 80,000
Level 5 150,000 150,000
Level 6 300,000 300,000
Level 7 600,000 600,000
Level 8 1,200,000 Currently Unknown

So I started playing Ingress

I was recently invited to play Ingress. Ingress is an Android game that you play in real-time using the real-world as a game board. When you begin Ingress you have to choose a Faction, either The Enlightened or The Resistance, and you are then basically an agent of that faction.

The story behind Ingress is that there is a mysterious force breaking into our reality. The Resistance are trying to stop it while The Enlightened are trying to allied with it. The end-goal is global domination through the use of Portals. The factions fight for control of the portals, once they control portals they may link them together to create control fields. Whichever faction controls the most mind-units is currently winning.

There is a really good explanation of it on Ingress at wikipedia.

In any case I have joined The Enlightened and our faction in this area seems quite strong. In the near future I am going to write posts about Ingress Strategies, what actions give Ingress AP Points, and leveling up in Ingress.

That’s all for now.

Training Players in Dynasty Hockey on Facebook

Training in Dynasty Hockey allows you to increase the skill level of a player. The amount the player raises is held within a range depending on what training level you do for them. It appears that at most you can have 3 players training at any given time.

Available Training Options

Intensity Level Unlock Cost Benefit Range Turbo Cost Training Time
1 Free 1 to 3 points 20 RP 12 hours
2 3 Million 4 to 6 points 40 RP 18 hours
3 6 Million 8 to 12 points 60 RP 18 hours
4 12 Million 16 to 25 points 80 RP 18 hours
5 18 Million 24 to 36 points 100 RP 18 hours

Training Intensity Level 1 is free and becomes available when you reach Rookie.
Training Intesnsity Level 2 becomes available after Rookie 3
Training Intesnsity Level 3 becomes available after
Training Intesnsity Level 4 becomes available after Pro 1 and costs 1000 RP
Training Intesnsity Level 5 becomes available after Pro 1 and costs 2000 RP

Each time you train a player their % trained is increased. Once they reach 100% trained they may not be trained anymore but they may be upgraded to a Wildcard. A Wildcard has multiple uses. First, their skill changes from whatever it was (speed, creativity, toughness…etc.) to “Wildcard”. That player will receive the bonus from the coach for their position, no matter what the skill bonus type is from the coach. For example if your coach had Center Speed +20 then even if your wildcard Center player was previously of some other skill like awareness, now that they are a wildcard they will receive the +20 from the coach. Also, the players trianing % is reduced to 0 (but their level stays the same), so you may train that player again making them even stronger. Unfortunately to upgrade costs a lot of money. My first player cost 129 million my second cost 152 million. So now I have a good reason to be stingy with my money.

Dynasty Hockey Coaches

The coaches in the Dynasty Hockey game on Facebook can be really helpful but it is hard to know ahead of time what players you should draft so that you get the most benefit from your coaches. I am hoping that this post will provide people with some insight to help them plan for the future of their team.

Coaches are unlocked by completing Cup Games and then purchased by clicking the “Release” button (left and right squiggly arrows) at the bottom of your current coaches listing.

The order of availability

NHL Current 1-5
Clarke Division

Dynasty Hockey Coaches List

(That I currently have info on – Click on Table Header to sort list by that column) Continue reading

Dynasty Hockey on Facebook – Tips and Strategies for beginners

Dynasty Hockey is a game by Fantasy Moguls available through facebook. The following are some tips and strategies I have figured out that will hopefully help you improve your Dynasty Hockey team. If you know of any other tips please let me know and I will update the post.

Your Lines Matter

Your team estimates (the color coded bar at the top of your page) are based on the skill and rating of the players you have. In addition to that, line 1 has more influence than line 2, and line 2 had more influence over your team estimates than line 3. So you want your best players in your top line. Keep in mind it isn’t always possible due to players skill. See Roster Chemistry Bonus below for details.

Roster Chemistry Bonus

Whatever you can do, try to keep your Chemistry Bonus as high as possible (so far 25% is the most I have been able to get and has been confirmed that 25% is the max). You do this by not having players with the same “skill” on the same line. If your line only has 2 players with the same skill you get a 10% bonus, if you don’t have any players on the line with the same skill you get a 25% bonus, if you have more than 2 people on the line with the same skill you get no bonus.

Right when you start the game, switch your lines up so that they all (or at least line1 and line2) have a 25% bonus. This will help you be able to defeat players 1 level ahead of you right from the start.

Reputation Points

It’s all about the Reputation Points. Reputation points allow you to:

  1. draft better players
  2. purchase additional games
  3. purchase boosts
  4. auto train instead of waiting the x amount of hours for training to complete

The best way I have found to increase my Reputation Points is to Continue reading

Use reCAPTCHA – Stop Comment Spambots

So I was tired of my WordPress sites getting spam comments and was determined to do something about it. If you are like me, you are really annoyed with all the spam comments and while things like the Akismet plugin help, they just don’t get the job done. So I started looking into getting a CAPTCHA script implemented so that users are able to prove they are humans actually viewing the page and spambots are left wondering “why clicky the button not makes the comment?”

The one I found that I like the best is called wp_recaptcha. This script does require you to register with them to get a wp-recaptcha api key but it is well worth it in my opinion.

The plugin allows you to add reCaptcha validation to comments and registration.

You can see it in action on this blog in any of the comment sections.

Search Engine Optimization and Better Search Rankings

So I was listening to a webcast today regarding search engine optimization to increase page ranking and it touched on a number of good and valid points, but it started me thinking that

  1. Companies that want SEO for their site look at it like this:
    • I want my site to show up in the first couple pages of search engine results, better yet, I want to be first.
    • It shouldn’t be difficult to achieve this.
  2. Companies that perform SEO tasks look at it like this:
    • SEO is difficult and needs to follow strict guidelines to not cause our clients to be banned from search engines
    • In most scenarios, there is a whole lot of competition to be first on a search engine for just about any keywords you can think of
    • SEO is not set it and forget it, it needs to be monitored and updated on a continuing basis.

So basically you have two conflicting viewpoints of what it takes to achieve a common goal, Continue reading

Magpie – Twitter Advertising

While doing some research for a client I stumbled across Magpie a company that provides advertising for twitter accounts. It is my understanding that through their system advertisements will be tweeted in-between your tweets at an interval that you set. According to their website the advertisement tweets will be based on what you have recently tweeted about and you can set it up to require ad approval before it tweets it or to just let it twitter away. Also, all magpie tweets will be prefaced with ‘#Magpie’ so users will know they are seeing an advertisement. Unfortunately I have yet to see Magpie in action, if someone could point me to a twitter account that is using magpie it would be appreciated.

I would love your input on this topic. What do you think about seeing advertisement tweets? Have you seen this program in action anywhere?